The Threesticks team are fortunate to be surrounded by people who have helped shaped us as professionals and as people. They have encouraged us to be better, to work smarter (not always harder), to experiment (and to fail), to do what is right (and not always popular), to challenge the norm, and just to be all around good humans.

We want to pay it forward! And this is why Threesticks offers mentoring for new graduates, for those entering the world of compensation, or for those who just want to chat about their ideas, their careers, and their lives.

Your investment

The cost to our mentees is a cup of hot chocolate, and a double scoop of ice-cream for our time. And, on rare occasions – some help with proof reading.

Our mentoring specialities:

  • Supporting you through a career in occupational rehabilitation / compensation schemes 
  • How to practice a simple, common-sense and caring approach to occupational rehabilitation  
  • Help you improve your knowledge of the workers compensation scheme
  • Self-care and maintaining a work/life balance to keep the joy at work, and at home  
  • Brainstorming and working through challenges in your career 

Ready to get started?

Contact us to have a chat about how we can support you.

Mentees say the darndest things…

“It’s safe to say that 3 months in and I certainly feel a great deal of (more) gratitude for the time you took to show me the ropes of this industry”

-Ayna (A newbie to rehab – and a natural at it)

“I have made good progress on down-scaling my business. I have also started employment elsewhere which has been great! I’m really enjoying it”

-Bree (who left the world of exercise rehab to start her new adventure. Get ’em girl!)

“Only 2 very minor grammatical errors”

-F.R. (A mentee who helped us with some proof reading, and who likes to wear snapbacks)

“I don’t know why people hate rehab? It’s so much fun! I love billable hours. I’m such a numbers person.”

-Sam F (10 years a clinician and finally moved to the Light side she did)

Everyone in my new team is WAY older than me. I feel terrible if I have to ask them to do something, it feels like I’m asking my Mum for money”

-B.M (Now a senior manager with a ridiculously long job title, so fancy!)

F*** this!”

-A.N (A mentee expressing his frustration, and who is now feeling much better)